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Dear traders,

we are a group of traders who want to share with you our trading story. The story about hardship, losses, failures, and success. We are veterans in futures, stocks and forex trading. We want to share our troubles along our way of becoming a successful trader. Some of us have been interested in trading since they´ve been 16 years old.

Although in the meantime some of us have acquired a university degree, the desire for trading never faded away. This is why we have never been interested in living a normal life, with a secure job and fixed hours.

We succeeded in futures, stocks or FOREX trading, because our thirst for conquering these markets was unbeatable. This way we turned our hobby, our biggest joy, into our profession. And now some of us want to show you our trades. And you are also invited to show us your daily trades. Only post your trades and come into the league of TOP-TRADERS.

Happy Trading !!!

Berndt Ebner and the team of Chat-Trading©

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